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Who We Are

Centre of Learning, Knowledge & Services (COLKS), was established in June 2015 with a motive to ‘CREATING CHANGE - CHANGING LIVES’. 
 Its primary focus is to impart knowledge & opportunities to both the urban and the rural masses. The intend is to bring about overall empowerment sustainability.


To create an ecosystem which propagates inclusive economic growth through sustainable environment harvesting.


Empower the youths and rural population of the region through innovative and market-oriented trainings, link their product and produces through market extension services and providing linkages to financial institutions.

What We Offer

Highly Specialized Sessions with follow up A highly effective way of learning & scaling up

Experienced faculty with Hands on & personalized training Learn as you progress

World Class Infrastructure and Training Materials A standardized training infrastructure

Read More Apiculture

Beekeeping 6 Days

An in depth study on Bees and BeeKeeping along with the management of Equipment & Product Processing

Read More Livestock

Piggery 10 Days

A walk through the various facets of setting up & running a Piggery Enterprise & Value Addition Training

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Poultry10 Days

A detailed course on running a Poultry Enterprise and guidance on maximizing its commercial viability

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Where We Are

COLKS HQ is situated amidst the lush green pine trees where you can fill your lungs with clean fresh air. The building is a step closer towards a Sustainable & Green technology and design. It is constructed by soil excavated during its construction. COLKS harvests 200,000 litres of rainwater, which is filtered and used for various purposes.

Our Headquarters: Mawlai Umshing,
Shillong 783022
East Khasi Hills, Meghalaya
+91 84159 30708

Collection Centres: Mawkyrwat,New Nongstoin,Shillong, Sohryngkham,Umiam,Jowai,Tura, Tikrikilla,Dawki,Umsning, Nongpoh,Jirang,Byrnihat.

Divisions or Centre of Excellence:

1. Livestock & Backyard Poultry Training Centre, Mylliem Mawsawa,
Shillong 783009
East Khasi Hills, Meghalaya
+91 98560 18711

2. Agriculture & Aggregation Centre Bakdil Training Centre,
West Garo Hills, Meghalaya,
+91 8730958699

The COLKS Story

Our journey began in the summer of June 2014 when the MBDA had launched its Mission Green Conclave. Catapult Design Solutions Pvt Ltd had the opportunity to be a part of this team. COLKS, by no means is an individual effort but rather a ‘confluence of ideas’ and epiphanies brought together by the inspiring people we had encountered during the UN World Environment Day effort. It is a SYNERGY of like-minded people. COLKS was born through the innumerous debates and deliberations.


The Centre of Learning, Knowledge & Services (COLKS) HQ is equipped with:

The Centre of Learning, Knowledge & Services (COLKS) subsidiary at Mylliem is equipped with:

The Centre of Learning, Knowledge & Services (COLKS) subsidiary at Tura is equipped with:

Our Services


The Centre of Learning Knowledge & Services (COLKS) focuses on two types of training:-

1) Self-Employment Trainings:

Self-Employment Trainings are one of the most important sectors for economic development since it provides opportunities for employment and income generation...Read More

2) Placement Linked Trainings:

In partnership with Meghalaya Urban Development Agency(MUDA), COLKS have joined hands to help reduce poverty and the urban poor households by enabling them to access gainful self employment and skilled waged employment opportunities, under the Deendayal Antyodaya Yojana – National Urban Livelihoods Mission(DAY-NULM) programme...   Read More


The Centre of Learning, Knowledge & Services (COLKS) also extends its arm to the Marketing Sector where we provide market links for the trainees in Meghalaya. We facilitate an end-to-end service from the farmer’s field to the consumer’s table.

Market extension services are provided to every eligible trainee for his/her range of product. Hence their market is stabilized post training. COLKS has tied up with State Bank of India to provide financial linkages to deserving farmers, interested in increasing their social & economic livelihood.


The Centre of Learning, Knowledge & Services (COLKS) also takes up Catering request for meetings, conferences, events & functions. The Centre serves a variety of different cuisines – Indian, Chinese, Continental, Khasi, Garo, and other local cuisines.


The Centre of Learning, Knowledge & Services (COLKS) also has workshops on Hospitality and Tourism. The Training Modules are set according to the demanding market trends in the service industry. We also have trainers and guest speakers who have years of knowledge and experience in the Hospitality & Tourism sector. In hospitality, the focused areas are Housekeeping and Food & Beverage (F&B).


The Centre of Learning, Knowledge & Services (COLKS) strongly believes in Follow Up’s. Hence we provide facilities like photography, videography and content writing. We not only provide trainings in the various fields mentioned but also create training modules as per our clients' requirements. For more details mail infodesk@colks.org


The Centre of Learning, Knowledge & Services (COLKS) provides a variety of consultation services; to our clients based on their desired outcomes with a focus on tangible results. The list of services are mentioned below:-

  • Brand Building & Development
  • Financial Management
  • Marketing Linkages
  • Financial Linkages
  • Packaging Solutions
  • Setting up of new industries in Allied and Agro services

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring about by re-skilling, re-structuring and re-organizing the un-organized sector. We create Human Capital. We cater to an expanding market hence our trainings are designed and directly linked to Market Demands and based on the existing skills of the trainee. While the world has achieved progress towards gender equality and women’s empowerment, women and girls continue to suffer discrimination and violence in every part of the world. Hence, with this in mind the Centre of Learning, Knowledge & Services (COLKS) are empowering women from different parts of Meghalaya by
  • Promoting women’s leadership in agriculture
  • Fostering policy changes that increase women’s land ownership
  • Strengthening women’s access to financial services
In doing so, Centre of Learning, Knowledge & Services (COLKS) tries to fuel sustainable economies so that it benefits the societies and humanity at large.

Farmers Product

What is ‘BEE NATURAL’?

‘BEE NATURAL’ is the ONLY premium brand from the green & luscious hills of Meghalaya. It is a brand that gives the farming community of Meghalaya a sense of pride, identity and traceability of their product.
It is a ‘Farmer’s Product’, that directly flows from farmer to end consumers through market & financial linkages.

How has ‘BEE NATURAL’ changed the lives of people associated with it?

Social Responsibility

Economic Equity &

Environmental Sustainability

Read More on BEE NATURAL

Our Partners

Meghalaya Institute of Entrepreneurship

MIE played a key role during the formative years of COLKS. COLKS and MIE have partnered to propagate the State Apiculture Mission and Backyard Poultry and Piggery. The organization have signed an MoU for the three Missions for two(2) years which is subject to review after the end of the term.

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Meghalaya Basin Development Authority

MBDA was instrumental during our formative stages. So far, we have jointly conducted trainings on Community nurseries and Photography. COLKS has been involved in documenting the CLF formations for MBDA in Ri-Bhoi District and Garo Hills district.

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Impulse Social Enterprises Pvt. Ltd

COLKS and Impulse NGO has tied up to promote rural handicrafts and co-brand products of the local producers. To introduce initiatives for farmers empowerment.

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NEF (North East Foundation)

Joined hands to tie up for market linkages and market access in India and other neighbouring countries.



Joined hands for social mobilization and as their training partners. Initiatives to bridge the gender gap and women empowerment.

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MSRLS (Meghalaya State Rural Livelihoods Society)

MSRLS and COLKS have tied up together to provide trainings to redress poverty in the rural areas by focusing on livelihoods thereby empowering the people of the state.

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Catapult Design Solutions

COLKS has tied hands with Catapult Design Solutions for designing projects as well as tourism to promote sustainable rural and responsible tourism.

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Board Of Directors

R.K. Vijay Byrsat

Managing Director

+91 87309 58699


E.D Lyngdoh

Director | Finance

+91 97740 76088


Eunice Patton

Director | Innovative Strategies

+91 84159 30708


Dexter Sungoh

Director | Hospitality and Tourism

+91 97746 41270


Our Achievements